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ITEMS International

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ccNSO & ASO Review: The survey is now closed
ITEMS was appointed by [[ICANN]] for the strategic Review of the [[ccNSO]] in 2009. ITEMS consultants carried out a survey as a part of this assignment. This was aimed at [[ccTLD]] managers, including members and non-members of the [[ccNSO]], and other stakeholders in the [[ccTLD]] community. The final report delivered by ITEMS to [[ICANN]] can be seen [ here].
In September 2011, ITEMS was appointed for another review requested by [[ICANN]] on Address Supporting Organisation [[ASO]] to judge its working in the [[ICANN]] system and to determine if there is any room for improvement. The survey by ITEMS is still ongoing, as of November, 2011, and can be seen [ here].<ref>[ gTLDteam]</ref><ref>[ NRO]</ref>
==Other Industry Participation==

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