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Founded: 1994
Founder(s): Sylviane Toporkoff
Headquarters: 16, rue Kléber 92442

Issy-les-Moulineaux Cedex

Country: France
Businesses: Airwalk Footwear
Email: items[at]
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@ITEMSint
Key People
Hervé Rannou, President

Maurice Ronai, Senior Consultant
Dominique Maillard, Recruitment Consultant
Thomas Mackenzie, Research Consultant
Thomas Hart, Associate
Virgiliu Stan, Eastern European Representative

ITEMS International is an international, independant consulting firm providing consulting services in the field of Information and Communication Technologies.[1] Their expertise is in Internet, Telecom, Television, Software and IT.[2] ITEMS is based in Paris, but they also have offices in Rome and Algiers, and they are represented in the UK, Belgium, Germany, Spain, and Sweden. The company also works with an international network of correspondents in North America, Latin-America, Asia and Africa.[3] The firm helps companies develop their ICT strategies and has previously worked with the French ccTLD registry, AFNIC. ITEMS is also frequently providing ICT related assistance to the French government.[4]

The gTLD Team

ITEMS International set up a consortium of consultants to focus on new gTLDs in June, 2011; the group is simply called gTLD Team. This team aims to provide assistance to any individual or entity that is interested in applying for a new gTLD. The organized team has expertise in Strategy, Marketing, Legal advice, Technological Architecture and Business Planning.[5] More than 20 consultants have been brought on the team, including one former ICANN board member and a few other ICANN regulars. Apparently, they had already been contracted by the region of Burgundy and another undisclosed company at the time of the consortium's launch.[6]

ccNSO & ASO Review

ITEMS was appointed by ICANN for the strategic Review of the ccNSO in 2009. ITEMS consultants carried out a survey as a part of this assignment. This was aimed at ccTLD managers, including members and non-members of the ccNSO, and other stakeholders in the ccTLD community. The final report delivered by ITEMS to ICANN can be seen here.

In September 2011, ITEMS was appointed for another review requested by ICANN on Address Supporting Organisation ASO to judge its working in the ICANN system and to determine if there is any room for improvement.

Other Industry Participation

ITEMS International has been working in the domaining industry sine 2007, when it began consulting with AFNIC. In 2008, began working with the French Government, the European Union, and its European Commission. This work included organizing an EC-sponsored conference, and working to create the framework for the EU French Presidency's “Internet of the Future” issues. It has since had consulted regularly on Internet governance issues.[7]

Smart Grids Consulting

In cooperation with international partners, ITEMS created Smart Grid Consulting in 2011 to provide consulting assistance. Prior to this, ITEMS was working in the field of Energy regulation and Electric Vehicles. Smart grid Consulting is a consortium exclusively focused on Smart Grids,[8] which is an up and coming technology that allows two-way communication between the utility and its customers. These grids are similar to the Internet, as they consist of controls, computers, automation, and new technologies and equipment working together. However, these technologies will work with the electrical grid to respond digitally to our quickly changing electric demand.[9]

Global Forum

Global forum is a non-profit initiative started by ITEMS International and the Sophia Antipolis Foundation. It is an international event bringing together experts from all over the world to discuss and share their knowledge on the Economic, Political, Social and Societal issues related to the successful evolution of the Information Society. Global Forum has been organized annually since 1992.[10] The Global Forum 2011 was held on 7-8 November. Details can be found here.


Besides organizing Global Forum every year, ITEMS International has also organized:

  • The Open Data Garage conference held in Marsielle, France on June 6, 2011.[11]
  • Future TV 2009, Paris.[12]


ITEMS International has published:

  • Beyond e-Government and e-Democracy: A Global Perspective.
  • Beyond eGovernment - Measuring Performance: A Global Perspective.
  • eHealth - A Global Perspective.[13]