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New gTLD Applications
==New gTLD Applications==
FAITID submitted its application for the [[.moscow]] and [[.москва]] (Russian translation for Moscow) [[GeoTLD|geographical TLDs]] on April 12, 2012. The organization submitted its applications for the TLDs in Latin and Cyrillic scripts. The requirements for the application was prepared through the collaboration of [[Sedari]], a TLD consulting, management and technology firm expert in ICANN process and the [[ISC Consortium]]Consortium, which provides technical assistance. According to FAITID, the standard price per domain names registered under the .moscow and .москва strings will be around 600 Roubles (20$). <ref>[ Application for .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА TLDs was Submitted to ICANN]</ref>
<ref>[ Sedari Working On .Moscow Application]</ref>

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