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Background of the .moscow (.москва) Project
[ Final Consultations on Application for .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА Domains Held in Costa Rica]</ref> and during the international domain forum in Bulgaria. <ref>[ .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА TLDs Have Been Presented at International Domain Forum in Bulgaria]</ref>
==.volga TLD Project==
The organization is also planning to apply for the .volga [[GeoTLD|geographical TLD]] during the second round of [[ICANN]]'s [[New gTLD program|new gTLD expansion program]]. The .volga TLD will represent the lower and middle territories located in the great Russian river Volga and to help boost the businesses and internet technology developments in the area. <ref>[ .Volga TLD]</ref>
==The WebHiTech==
Apart from developing TLDs, the organization also support and promote the development of standards in web programming to improve the accessibility and usability of websites through its WebHiTech. Different activities such as workshops, forums and contests are implemented for web developers in the community to facilities continuous interaction and to find the most technologically advanced websites. <ref>[ Support for WebHiTech Projects]</ref>
==The Russian Cultural Linguistic Internet Domains (RUCLID) Project==
The RUCLID Project is dedicated in implementing TLDs to represent the Russian cultural linguistics. <ref>[ Russian Cultural Linguistic Internet Domains]</ref>
==Members of the FAITID Board==
* Dmitry Vladimirovich Burkov, Chairman
* Alexander Valerievich Panov, President
* Vasily Vadimovich Dolmatov, Board Member
* Pavel Bronislavovich Khramtsov, Board Member
'''Member of the Board of Trustees'''
* Artem Ermolaev, Head of Moscow Information Technologies Department
* Andrey Kondakov, Co-founder of Zenon N.S.P
* [[Sergey Sharikov]], Head of Automated Projection System and Automated Management System in Aviation Design Office
* Alexey Skvortsov, Member of Board of Trustees in Friendly Runet Foundation
* Mikhail Yakushev, Co-founder and a member of the Council of Information Society Development Institute.

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