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|date =24 March 2015|type = Community [[gTLD|Generic]]|community = film industry[[:Category:Media New gTLDs|Media]]|priority = <s>324 - [[Donuts]] (Outer Avenue, LLC)<br></s>862 - [[Motion Picture Domain Registry Pty Ltd]]<br><s>923 - [[Google]] ([[Charleston Road Registry Inc.]])</s>
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'''.film''' is a new generic top level domain name ([[gTLD]]) proposed to ICANN's New gTLD Program.The proposed application succeeded and was delegated to the [[Root Zone]] on 24 March, 2015.<ref name="delegation">[ Delegated String,] Retrieved 24 Mar 2015</ref> As of October 6, 2015 the TLD reached [[General Availability]]. In order to register a .film name, registrants must be a member of a sanctioned film organization. <ref>[ .Film Name Launches. Retrieved 05 Oct 2015.]</ref>
==Applicants== ===Current Applicant===* # [[The Film Motion Picture Domain Registry Inc.Pty Ltd]] - This is an applicant Australian based company that applied for the .film TLD to serve as and [[.movie]]. [[ARI Registry Services]] is the registry operatorprovider. The company plans to restrict [[Simon Delzoppo]] is the registrations of listed contact person.<ref>[ htm Aussies buy into new domain names to film industry professional and legitimate owners era]</ref> ===Private Auction===A [[private auction]] conducted in November 2014 left Motion Picture Domain Registry as the only applicant for the string.<ref>[ Another 11 New gTLDs Won at Auction] ''DomainIncite''; By Kevin Murphy; Retrieved 13 Nov 2014</ref> ===Previous Applicants===# [[Donuts]] (Outer Avenue, LLC)- This is one of film titlesthe 307 new gTLDs filed by the company. The company Outer Avenue LLC is also aims to utilize one of the TLD companies created by Donuts to solve problems related to film industry including piracy and copyright infringementsubmit its applications. [[Daniel Schindler]], to provide an intuitive co-founder and easy to navigate domain name system EVP for Marketing and to preserve Sales, is the legacy of film libraries in perpetuitymain contact person. [[AusRegistryDemand Media]] was selected by Film Registry to will provide back-end registry services for the .film domain spaceDonuts. <ref>[ AusRegistry International selected as Registry Services Provider for .filmof-307-new-top-level-domains/11730 Donuts Inc eye popping list of 307 new top-level domains]</ref> The company also created This applicant submitted a dot Film Title Registration Bureau[[PIC|Public Interest Commitment]], which will can be responsible in administering the registration and delegation process of domain namesdownloaded [ here].# [[Google]] (Charleston Road Registry Inc. It will also serve as an independent body to handle dispute resolution process )- The search engine giant submitted applications for the domain space101 new gTLDs. The dot Film Registration Bureau will be lead by a president to be appointed by [[Sarah Falvey]], Senior Policy Analyst of Google is the president of main contact person for the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) while its member constituents will be come from every affiliated film industry bodyapplication.<ref>[ About htm Online Marketing Firm fishbat Inc.Film, Breaks Down the ICANN gTLD Announcement]</ref>
[[Category:Media New gTLDs|Mediafilm]]

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