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==Constantine Roussos dotMusic Initiative==
The dot Music initiative ([[.MUSIC]]) was started by [[Constantine Roussos]] in 2005. He launched the dotMusic ( website dedicated in to gathering support for via a petition to [[ICANN]] to approve the .music TLD for the global music industry. His initiative is was supported by members of the music industry including bands, musicians, companies, professionals and many others. Based on the dotMusic website, Roussos ' initiative gathered more than 1.5 million signatures for the petition. The dotMusic initiative objectives include:<ref>
[ Constantine Roussos Linkedin Profile]</ref> <ref>[]</ref>
* Music Education
* Innovation in Music and Internet Space
Roussos also gathers gathered support from different social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Myspace. The page has almost 4.3 million friends or followers.<ref>[ .MUSIC Extension:]</ref> Aside from Roussos, [[Tina Dam]], Robert Singerman, Ken Abdo, Bob Donnelly and John Simsom comprise the Leadership Team of dot Music initiative. The team plans to operate the .music TLD using the multistakeholder approach and a portion of the revenue generated from the .music TLD registrations will be donated to selected non-profit organizations. Registrations will be restricted to .MUSIC-accredited Community Member Organizations (CMOs).<ref>[ About Us]</ref>
'''Mr. Ruoussos is now working with the [[DotMusic|DotMusic?CGR E-Commerce Ltd.]] bid.'''<ref>[ Music Status,]</ref>

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