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James Seng

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'''James Seng (ChingHong Seng)''' is an Internet Entrepreneur and Investor. He is the founder and CEO of [[Zodiac]], which has applied for 15 Chinese [[TLD]]s.<ref>[ -us/about?lang=en About,]</ref> Mr. Seng is also a Partner at Tandem Advisors LLP.<ref>[]</ref>
In the early stages of his career, James Seng's mentor Dr. Tan Tin Wee inspired him to work on [[IDN]]s to curb the digital divide in Asia. With $24 million in investment from Venture Capital firms General Atlantic Partners and [[Network Solutions]]/[[Verisign]], James went on become the founder and CTO of [[]]. During this time, he was working on the standardization of IDNs as the Co-Chair of the IDN Working Group at [[IETF]]. He also stressed the need for IDNs at various forums such as [[ICANN]], [[ITU]] and [[IGF]] and today, his efforts have helped make IDN an Internet standard.

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