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{{CompanyInfo|| logo = logo_sedo.jpg| silversponsor = ICANNWiki [[Sponsorship|Silver Sponsor]]| type = Public
| industry = Domain Trading, Parking
| founded = Germany, 19992001
| founders = [[Ulrich Priesner]]<br/>[[Ulrich Essmann]]<br/>[[Tim Schumacher]]<br/>[[Marius Würzner]]
| ownership = [[United_Internet | United Internet]] AG| headquarters = CambridgeCologne, MA, USAGermany<br/>CologneCambridge, MA, GermanyUSA<br/>London, UK| country =| businesses = | products = SedoMLS| employees = 150| revenue = 130| website = []| blog = | facebook = [ Sedo]| linkedin = [ Sedo]
| twitter = sedo
| you tube = []| keypeople = [[Tobias FlaitzMichael Robrock]] <small>CEO Sedo GmbH,MB member Sedo InterNetX Holding AG<br></small> [[Axel HamannHakan Ali]] <small>CFO Sedo GmbH,MB member Sedo Holding AGChief Strategy Officer<br></small> [[Dima Beitzke]] <small>CSO Sedo GmbH <br></small> [[Paul Martin Fawell]] <small>General Manager, Managing Director of North America<br></small> [[Simonetta BatteigerBarbara Stolz]] <small>Head of Product ManagementChief Financial Officer<br></small> [[Matthias Meyer-SchoenherrDieter Granitzki]] <small>Director of Business DevelopmentChief Technical Officer<br></small> 
[[Dirk Ochotzki]] <small>Head of Operations<br></small>
[[Andreas Schmid]] <small>Head of Product Management<br></small>
[[Christian Voß]] <small>Chief Marketing Officer</small><br>
|logo=Sedo Logo RGB.jpg}}
'''Sedo''', which stands for '''S'''earch '''E'''ngine for '''D'''omain '''O'''ffers, is a [ domain name marketplace] and [Joel Ghebaly domain parking provider]] <small>Head of Product Management. Sedo was founded in Germany in 2001, and is headquartered in Cologne, Germany with an office in Cambridge,Traffic MonetizationMassachusetts. The company has 150 employees from more than 25 countries and 2 million customers with over 19 million domain names for sale. Five million domains are parked via Sedo's parking program <brref>[]</smallref>
[[Adarsh Mehta]] <small>Director of Development<br></small>}} '''Sedo''', which stands for '''S'''earch '''E'''ngine for '''D'''omain '''O'''ffers, is a [ domain name marketplace] and [ domain parking provider]. Sedo was founded in Germany in 2001, and has headquarters in both Cambridge, Massachusetts and Cologne, Germany. The company has 150 employees from more than 25 countries at offices located in the United States, Great Britain, and Germany, and 1.5 million customers with 16 million domain names for sale. Five million domains are parked via Sedo's parking program <ref>[]</ref> Sedo is a subsidiary company of the [ Sedo InterNetX Holding AG] under the German company [[United_Internet | United Internet AG]]AG. The company is registered in the United States as LLC.<ref>[ Our Story]</ref>
==Products and Services==
According to its official website, Sedo provides [ domain name buying] and [ selling services] through [ search], [ auction], [ catalog], [ brokerage], etc. It also provides domain parking, domain appraisal, domain transfer, domain escrow, and [ partner programs], etc.<ref>[ Sedo Unveils Full Suite of Services,]</ref>
===New gTLD Services===
In October, 2012, Sedo announced that it was launching has a [ number of services] for the registries to be created through [[ICANN]]'s [[New gTLD Program]]:* String Contention Private Auctions - a neutral, safe platform for multiple applicants for the same string to resolve the contention. [[ICANN]] is offering its own services, but has encouraged applicants to resolve contention on their own.* Premium List Identification and Pricing Assistance - Sedo will help applicants identify which domains are going to be the most attractive to the target audience and price them appropriately. Sedo uses more than 11 20 years of [ sales data] covering all traded TLDs, as well as multiple external sources, to create a premium reserve list of domains likely to command the highest sales values.* Premium Domain Auctions - a neutral, safe platform for multiple applicants with marketing support and promotion to attract buyers and revenue for your premium domains.
* Sunrise, Landrush and Premium Auctions - Sedo provides multiple-language auction services for both premium auctions and those related to the [[Sunrise Period]]s and [[Landrush Period]]s.
* Exclusive Premium Name Distribution in the [ SedoMLS Network]
* Premium Brokerage Custom sales and Pre-Brokeragemarketing solutions tailored to individual extensions===SedoMLS===* As the world's largest domain distribution network, SedoMLS multiplies a single domain listing and places it in front of millions of potential buyers worldwide * Registrar customers are able to purchase domains from Sedo’s premium inventory of over 19 million domains – including the most exclusive new gTLD names – directly from the Registar's website
* With Sedo's easy registrar listing service, customers can listing their names to be syndicated across SedoMLS
* Outstanding technical support with its SedoMLS testbed and dedicated tech support team making SedoMLS implementation simple and user-friendly
===Domain Parking===
* Users earn revenue on more than five million domains while simultaneously promoting those domains for sale
* Domain owners and advertisers are matched to generate profit for both sides
* Domain owners gain access to the advertising industry, while advertisers appreciate the controllable and quantifiable return on investment
===Brokerage Services===
* Domain acquisition assistance for both buyers and brokerage representation for sellers
* On average we assist more than 32,000 businesses and individuals annually to acquire their desired domains
* Premium domain names brokered through Sedo include,,,,, and, as well as, the highest value domain sale to date.
===Sales Figures & Prominent Sales===
Sedo's top 10 highest selling public domain names wereare:
#, $13,000,000 ([[Guinness World Records]] record)
#, $1,169,175
#, $1,120,000
In January, 2012, Sedo announced that it was adding [[GoDaddy]] to its MLS service. The service allows those searching GoDaddy's databases to see domains that are currently not available, but are being offered by their registrants for a minimum sale price. Sedo had about 15 million such domains in its system at the time of the deal.<ref>[ Sedo Adds GoDaddy to SedoMLS,]</ref> Premiums===
In May 2013, Sedo announced a forthcoming auction of [[.info]] domains, done in conjunction with the .info registry, [[Afilias]]. .info was originally launched in 2001 and so the .info auction of 100 assorted names is notable.<ref>[] Retrieved 29 May 2013</ref>
In November 2012, it was announced that Sedo would be providing its services at a discounted rate to the gTLD applicant for [[.hiv]], [[dotHIV]]. The applicant aims to donate 70-80% of revenue to HIV research. Some of the services it will be providing include: appraising and auctioning premium .hiv domains, supporting preregistrations for people and organizations wishing to reserve names before the official launch, and evaluating the entire .hiv namespace to ensure that important .hiv domain names reach the best end users.<ref>[ Presse,]</ref> The announcement was made to coincide with World AIDS day, which occurs on Dec. 1 every year.
* Sedo began in Cologne, Germany in 1999 as a student project by [[Tim Schumacher]], [[Ulrich Priesner]], and [[Marius Würzner]]. They had a website named to distribute computer games, and when the business was phased out, they started thinking about selling the domain. Thus, they founded Sedo. The company started out with 5 employees working in a small office in downtown Cologne. <ref>[ Cheif]</ref> Sedo GmbH became an official entity in 2001.<ref>[ Our Story]</ref>
* In his book ''International Entrepreneurship: Starting, Developing, and Managing a Global Venture'', Robert D. Hisrich explained that, at the beginning of 2000, Sedo's founders began to advertise by purchasing banners in various websites and developing press relationships. [[Ulrich Essmann]], a medical student working on a project similar to Sedo, joined the team and his own project helped the group significantly. Finally, the founders began negotiating with potential investors. In 2001, they found a major investor, [[United AG]], which at the time was Germany's largest registrar for domain names. United AG initially purchased a minor stake in the newly-founded Sedo but later bought about 41% for approximately 400,000 EUR. The rest of the shares were held by the four owners. In 2004, United bought an additional 10% of Sedo's share for $575,000, making the four founders minority shareholders of the business. In 2005, 51% of shares for United AG, including Sedo, were sold to [[AdLink Internet Media AG]], a public and majority-owned subsidiary of[[United_Internet | United Internet AG]].
* Sedo began planning a North American subsidiary as early as 2003; in 2005, LLC was opened in Cambridge, Massachusetts.<ref>[ Our Story]</ref>
* In 2001, CEO, [[Tim Schumacher]], was named “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Ernst & Young Germany.<ref>[ Press,]</ref>
* Sedo expanded to the United Kingdom in 2008.<ref>[ Our Story]</ref> * In February, 2009, Sedo acquired [[RevenueDirect]], a domain name parking service by run [[Dotster]].<ref>[ Domain Name]</ref> Sedo also announced a strategic long-term partnership with [[Dotster]] through which Sedo would benefit from [[Dotster]]'s inventory and registrar service, and [[RevenueDirect]] customers would be helped by Sedo’s monetization engines and its secondary market for buying and selling domain names.<ref>[ Domain Name News ]</ref>
* In March, 2009, Sedo invested seed funding for [[]], a new social charity website.<ref>[ Bloson Innovation]</ref>
* In February 2010, Sedo sold the domain name for $1 million USD to, breaking the record for the highest .org domain name ever sold.<ref>[ Cheif ]</ref>
* On May 21, 2010, AdLink Internet Media AG was renamed Sedo Holding AG and the company Sedo became a subsidiary thereof.<ref>[ SEDO ]</ref>
==[ Awards]==
* In 20072010 & 2014, Sedo was selected as a finalist for the "Entrepreneur World Trademark Review Industry Award: Internet & Online Services Team of the Year 2007" in Germany by Ernst & Young.<ref>[ All ]</ref>* The Domain Conference: Company of the Year 2016
* In Traffic Awards for: <br>Best Overall Domain Solution (2009, 2010, Sedo was nominated "2010 World Trademark Review Industry Award for Internet."2011, 2012, 2013)<refbr>[]Broker of the Year 2012, 2014, 2016 (Dave Evanson)</refbr>Broker of the Year 2013 (Negar Hajikhani)* World Domain Day: Best Aftermarket Platform 2015
==Further Resources==* Domain Name Wire Awards for: <br> Most Innovative Company for Selling Secondary Domain Names (2010, 2011, 2012)<br> Best Domain Name Parking Company (2010, 2011, 2012)<br> Best Online Domain Sales Venue (2010)  *[httpEco Internet Award:// Domains &partnerid=&language=us Success Stories]DNS (2013) *[httpDomainer's Choice Award:// Case studies and White Papers]Best Industry Costumer Rep (2008)
==References==* Domainer's Choice Award: Best Domain Marketplace (2014){{reflist}}* In 2007, Sedo was selected as "Entrepreneur of the Year 2007" in Germany by Ernst & Young.<ref>[ All]</ref>
== External linksLinks and Resources==
* []
* [ Sedo Holding AG]
* [ United Internet AG]
* [ Our Story]
*[ Success Stories]
*[ Case studies and White Papers]
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