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Fabien Betremieux

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|portrait = Fabien-Betremieux_Portrait.jpg|caricature = Fabien-Betremieux_Caricature.jpg|born = France|country = France|email = fabien.betrmieux [at]|facebook = |twitter = |linkedin = [ Fabien's LinkedIn]|userbox = {{UBX-ICANNSTAFF-C}}{{UBX-CARD52}}|portrait=Fabien-Betremieux_Portrait.jpg|caricature=Fabien-Betremieux_Caricature.jpg|born=France
'''Fabien Betremieux''' is the Senior Services and Engagement Manager at [[ICANN]]. He was previously the Product Manager and [[gTLD Program]] Manager at [[AFNIC]], the non-profit organization that administers the [[.fr]] [[TLD]]. He is also the [[.paris]] Consortium Manager.<ref name="icannwiki">ICANNWiki Intake Form, November 2013</ref>

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