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Affiliation: Digital Discretion
Country: Canada
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   Stephanie Perrin
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ICANNLogo.png Currently a member

Dr Stephanie Perrin is a data protection expert and the President of Digital Discretion, a privacy and information management consulting firm.[1] She is a member of the Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group and the GNSO Council. She has volunteered with the organization since 2013.[2]

Dr Perrin is a recognized international expert in privacy and data protection, as well as a recognized expert in the social impact of technology. She has in-depth knowledge of information technology issues, risk analysis and strategies to minimize negative privacy impacts and policy failure informed by her 30 years of experience working in the Canadian federal government. During her time in government, Dr. Perrin led the concept and drafting of Canada’s private sector privacy law, PIPEDA, and was involved in other legislative drafting and parliamentary processes.

She has served as a member of the Advisory Board of the Electronic Privacy Information Centre (EPIC) and is a former Board member of the Ethics Practitioners Association of Canada.

She was awarded the Electronic Frontiers Foundation Pioneer Award in 2001, and the prestigious EPIC Champions of Privacy Award in 2018.

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Perrin holds a doctorate from the University of Toronto (2018). She wrote her dissertation on the struggle for privacy at ICANN and its failures to protect personal information in the Domain Name System.