Suriyaa Sundararuban

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Organization: Technische Universität München (TUM)
Stakeholder Group(s): Academia
End User
Technical Community
Region: Europe
Country: Germany
Email: contact [at]


LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Suriyaa Sundararuban
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @SuriyaaKudoIsc

Suriyaa R. Sundararuban is a newcomer at ICANN. He has been with ICANNWiki since June 2018.

Career History

  • Python Software Foundation as a PSF Basic Member, June 2018 - Present
  • Mozilla Foundation as a Open Source Developer, Feb 2015 - Present
  • Wikimedia Foundation as a Wikimedia Contributor, Translator & Volunteer Developer, May 2013 - Present

ICANN and Internet Governance Participation

  • ICANNWiki Contributor, June 2018 - Present
  • ICANN Newcomer / Member / Public Comment Participant, June 2018 - Present
  • ISOC Member of the Blockchain-Chapter, April 2018 - Present
  • Internet Society Member, April 2018 - Present


A list of Suriyaa's publications are available at