TLD-OPS Standing Committee

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The TLD-OPS Standing Committee is the governing body that oversees the incident response community for and by ccTLD operators.[1]


The ICANN working group is composed of representatives of ccTLDs and liaisons from SSAC, IANA, and ICANN Organization's security team.[2]

Work Products

  • The TLD-OPS has developed a series of documents called the TLD-OPS Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity (DR/BCP) Playbook to help ccTLDs with their DR/BCP posture and the tools to perform their own tabletop exercises. The playbook offers a hands-on guide for implementing a business continuity strategy within smaller registry operators. It is oriented toward upper and middle management and assumes that the registry operators have their supervising bodies' commitment, sponsorship, and mission approval to develop resilience against disruptive events via a business continuity plan. It includes practical example tables for copying and using as a template at different stages of development and implementation.[3]
  • The working group also maintains TLD monitoring tools.[4]