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Security, Stability and Resiliency (SSR) comprise key components of ICANN's commitment to ensure the continued operation of the Internet.



  • Security refers to the capacity to protect Internet Identifier Systems and prevent DNS Abuse or misuse.
  • Stability encompasses the capacity to ensure the interoperability of the DNS as expected so that users have confidence in it.
  • Resiliency describes the capacity to withstand, tolerate, or survive malicious attacks and other disruptive events without interruption or cessation of Internet services.

Aims and Mechanisms

ICANN has dedicated multiple programs and initiatives to preserve the SSR of the Internet's identifier systems by:

  1. gathering and processing data on imminent threats to the DNS ecosystem;
  2. participating in threat preparedness and risk management to protect against or mitigate issues;
  3. measuring and reporting on the health of the DNS ecosystem;
  4. coordinating vulnerability disclosure reports; and
  5. helping ccTLD managers and public safety agencies on topics, such as DNSSEC and DNS Abuse.[1]