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ICANN Accountability became a primary focal point of the ICANN community. Shortly after the NTIA announced its intent to transition stewardship of the IANA functions to the global multistakeholder community. ICANN , already bestowed with the IANA functions contract and coordination of the DNS, was asked to kick-start a mutistakeholder process aimed at developing a proposal for the transition. During the early stages of this process, the community raised concern over the outlook of ICANN’s accountability following the transition.

From the days of ICANN’s infancy, a high degree of accountability was set in place by contractual relationship between ICANN and the United States government. The renewal process of the IANA functions contract has historically served as a backstop to ICANN accountability. The impending relinquishment of this role by the US government, created the opportunity and the necessity to examine the efficacy of existing accountability mechanisms.

If everything continues as planned, the proposal will be finalized in the upcoming ICANN meeting in Marrakech and the Board will be ready to submit the proposal to the NTIA.