Thomsen Trampedach

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Founder(s): Casper Thomsen & Dan Trampedach
Headquarters: Grundstrasse 22A, 6343 Rotkreuz
Country: Switzerland
LinkedIn: Thomsen Trampedach
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@/ThomsenTrampeda
Key People
Casper Thomsen, Partner
Dan Trampedach, Partner
Jannik Skou, Partner

Thomsen Trampedach was founded to provide neutral and independent domain industry advice and consulting for corporations managing major domain portfolios. The company assists corporations with complex domain portfolios take control of their intellectual property online and develop long term strategies for the future.

Thomsen Trampedach emphasizes their ability to provide objective consulting advice. The mindset and approach is based on the methods and principles behind the terms LEAN and ITIL, creating value for the customer, enforcing transparency and eliminating waste, while maintaining an inspiring working environment.[1] The company announced that its first client to pass Initial Evaluation in ICANN's New gTLD Program passed the financial review with a score of 10 out of 11; Thomsen Trampedach was a major consultant in this area.[2]

The company is part of KeyDrive SA.[3]


A partner at Thomsen Trampedach, Jannik Skou, was interviewed at ICANN 44 in Prague: