Tien-Lai Teng

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Country: Taiwan
Email: dpt_02[at]motc.gov.tw

Tien-Lai Teng is the Director General for the Department of Posts and Telecommunications in Taiwan.[1] He was previously Taiwan's representative to the GAC.[2] He attends GAC meetings, and twNIC meetings and conferences.[3][4] His participating at IT meetings also involves presentations, such as at the opening ceremony of the Global IPv6 and Internet Trends Conference held in 2008 in Taiwan.[5]

Industry Participation

Mr. Tien-Lai Teng has been overseeing and creating policy to move the nation's 2G customers smoothly to 3G, and also preparing them for 4G, services.[6] Indeed, much of his high-profile work tends to revolve around updating the nation's ICT infrastructure in a fair and timely matter, including its satellite TV service.[7] His work, and that of his department, has turned the country into an Asian "powerhouse" with regards to ICT.[8] He has been involved in liberalization efforts with regards to foreign ownership laws in an attempt to garner more foreign investment.[9]

He has been the public face of International conferences held in Taiwan, such as the 2008 APRICOT.[10]