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Anja Elsing is the General Manager of the .RUHR TLD – the geographic identifier for the RUHR region on the Internet. The RUHR region is, after Paris and London, the third biggest metropolitan region within the EU. As an industrial centre of North Rhine-Westphalia, it offers a broad industry structure with a high degree of mechanization. Fifteen of Germany’s top 100 companies with the greatest turnover (40 of the top 500) have their headquarters in the RUHR region. .RUHR strengthens the metropolis and the expression of local identity, creates an awareness of a strong part of Germany and offers 53 cities, 5.2 million inhabitants as well as 160,500 companies in the RUHR region a home in the internet. Before joining .RUHR Anja Elsing had more than 15 years of Marketing, Product, Distribution, Advertising, Sales, Communication and Project Management experience in several management positions in the Yellow Pages media company, which provides lead generation products for businesses, either independently or in cooperation with three of Germany’s largest Online Portals. She studied business administration.