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Organization: RiskQuant
Affiliation: SSAC
Region: Oceania
Country: Australia


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Duncan Hart is a cybersecurity expert, former military and law enforcement intelligence specialist and a postgraduate of the Information Security Group, Royal Holloway, University of London. He is the founder and director of RiskQuant, a consulting firm headquartered in London, UK. His priority is advocating for the continuous improvement of Internet security and resilience.

Education & Academic

Career History

Duncan started working in the field of network and computer security in 1998. He has worked with different organisations, including the Bank of England, Vodafone Group, BHP, Council of the European Union, and National Crime Agency, UK.

ICANN involvement

Duncan was appointed to the ICANN Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) on 26 June 2008[1]. During his tenure, he earned the deep appreciation of the Board for his service to ICANN. "The ICANN Board acknowledged their deep appreciation for his service with SSAC, and that the Board wished him well for all future endeavours".[2]


  • SAC 044 - A Registrant’s Guide to Protecting Domain Name Registration Accounts[3]
  • SAC 40 - Measures to Protect Domain Registration Services Against Exploitation or Misuse[4]
  • SAC 39 - SSAC Review of SSAC[5]


Duncan remains committed to ICANN's and SSAC's goals and objectives and continues to contribute to the improvement of Internet security and resilience.