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I have a degree in Communications from the Universidad de San Andrés (Magna Cum Laude). I have been working and dedicated to this profession since 2019, and as of the end of 2020 I hold the position of LACTLD's Communications Officer. Since then, I have worked in all the external and internal communication of the Association, in the coordination of the Commercial Working Group and in the organization and development of the different face-to-face and virtual events of the organization. At the same time, I had the opportunity to produce the LACTLD Anycast Cloud documentary and, currently, I am part of the Working Committee of the Unified Domain Search Engine.

Throughout these years in the ecosystem I have been able to interact with ccTLDs in the LAC region, to work collaboratively with Regional Organizations and with those of the Technical Community, such as ICANN. In the specific case of the latter, my most direct relationship has been with the ccNSO, due to its impact on the ccTLD community.