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Welcome and glad to see you playing around in the Sandbox! Ray

Nice to see you back again! Ray

Hi Ray! Nice to be back - I really enjoy creating stuff here. Love editing the articles, trying to get them just right. Lots of fun. Alexander Phoenix

Excellent, your work looks good Ray

Articles Being worked on Now

Hola, I just want to encourage you to keep a running list of the articles you're working on in your section of the "Articles Being Worked On Now" page- this way we can monitor the batch as a whole when and as you complete it. We can then move your work to your user page so we have an archive of all your great help. Awesome work so far on the new batch! You have a good eye for what needs improvement. Andrew


Wow! We were truly impressed with the way you improved Chuck Kisselburg's article (including the resized photo!). Thus, I want to offer you the option of diversifying your current assignment. If you would like to continue to make significant improvement to articles rather than create new ones that would fine. You could also do a mixture thereof and that way focus in on your strengths.

One thing, in the Chuck Kisselburg article you frequently cited the old site ( as a reference. This site is eventually going to be completely redirected to the new .com site, so please if you could search out other references for that article and for all future articles that would be great. And, again, please make a list of the articles you are working on in the "articles being worked on section".

I'm really impressed with the initiative you've shown already! keep up the good work. Andrew

Your Page

Really nice to see you working on your page :-) I think the Alexander Phoenix page can be about you and the User:Alexander Phoenix page about your work here. Of course, they can link to each other too. Ray

super :-) ... going to bed now, see you soon! Ray

New Examples Section

In the community portal you will a section labeled "great people articles"; I've compiled an example of a great person article from each one of our writers, including you. Take a minute to reflect on why I chose this as your top work, the edits that have been made to it since you completed it; and please take a look at the other writers' articles, it may inspire you and help you make formatting and content decisions in the future. I certainly felt that I learned more just meticulously going through the articles. Again, thanks for all the good work. Andrew

Some Interesting Ideas


Great idea, and thanks for taking an interest! Yes, the ultimate idea is to get the community itself to contribute and manage the site's content. We found from trying to do this originally on that pointing people to their own page and asking them to edit doesn't really work. Part of the problem was that there weren't enough good examples of how to do it. Also because people are not that motivated; it's hard enough for people to do their linked in profiles and that is arguably more important for most than ICANNWiki (at least now). But I like your idea of having them send a resume if they have a current one. In any event, I think that getting this going with enough quality content is critical to build credibility first. THANKS! Ray

Yes, I think it's actually a really good idea and one that we will pursue ... in fact we can get started and see how it goes at the next ICANN Meeting coming up in March. Thanks again for the input! Ray


So, we just had some questions about your process of leaving references and caricatures out until the end. Our concern is that the information/photos will be mixed up as you look to do all of them at once rather than make one article at a time. The few articles I've looked at have looked good, and I was just wanting some reassurance that you'll be able to keep track of all the loose ends. We would prefer you make one complete article at a time, but at least fill me in on your process. Thanks, Andrew

Cool, thanks so much. We actually really appreciate your ability to resize the photos. I'll start the editing process once I notice that you mark your articles complete. Cheers, Andrew

Quick Citation Note

Hi Alex,

So I've started editing your articles and one thing I've noticed that you seem to be citing a whole paragraph after the paragraph's first sentence. If you are citing an entire paragraph, though, the reference should go at the end of all the information it is citing. Ideally, each citation will be a reference for all the information that came before it (after the last citation). If you could look over your articles and fix that problem, if that is indeed the case, I would appreciate it.

Thanks, Caterina

UPDATE: We've created an image that will make the "Under Construction" process easier: Please insert [[Image:UnderConstruction.png]] as the first text in every article you make. Thanks for putting up with the notes as we perfect this process. Be well, Stay in touch, Andrew


Hi Alexander, please make note of the change in process for keeping track of your batches. There is a note on the Articles needed page explaining what is different. Thanks. Caterina