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Country: Argentina
Email: victoria-fava[at]
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Victoria Fava is a lawyer and specialist in computer law and intellectual property from Argentina. [1]

She is the currently the legal advisor at "Legalsite", a business and financial law firm in Argentina; [2] Victoria also co-ordinates the Mendoza city branch of the company.

She is the founder and CEO of AGEIA DENSI International Association, which focuses on the study and academic research of law, economics and business in the information society. She was Director of the Initiative ColorIURIS in Argentina, member of LASA (Latin American Studies Association), and the Director of the Board of Law and Economics of UNC law school.

She is an active member of the ALAC in ICANN. She regularly participates at various international meetings and conferences related to Computer law and IT fileds, such as; Member of Scientific Committee of Congress FIADI Zaragoza 2008, Chairman of the Scientific Academic Computer Law Mercosur Congress, ICANN Mexico, 2009.

Fava is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, UNC (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba), 2008.[3]She specialized in Business Law. She has worked as an Assistant Professor of Economics, and was a lecturer Professor of "Law, Economics and Business in the Information Society" at her alma mater UNC.[4]

In 2009 she served as a Professor in the South SSIG, Summer School on Internet Governance of the southern hemisphere.