Wafa Dahmani

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Affiliation: CcNSO
Country: Tunisia
Email: jwafa [at] ati.tn

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Google+: https://plus.google.com/wafatn
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Wafa Dahmani is a Senior Engineer head of NIC/LIR department in ATI responsible for the management of the national ccTLD registry ".tn" and the National Register IPv4 / IPv6 (Local Internet Registry). She has more than fifteen years of experience (since 1999) in systems and network administration, software engineering, requirements analysis, architecture design, implementation, and management of Internet core network services.

Wafa progressed from exploiting, supervising, and upgrading Internet core network services, to the management of the Network Information Center of the Tunisian Internet Operator. She worked closely and effectively with all levels of management to satisfy project/productivity/SLA requirements.

She is an eternal student of nature, including curiosity and self-learning as an essential tool in the creation of added value and efficiency in mastering the new challenges.

Wafa is a member of the Address Council, ALAC, and ccNSO within ICANN. She is also Vice-chair Tunisian MAG-IGF and an IGMENA Alumni


Telecom engineer