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Affiliation: Cloud Registry
Country: Australia

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Wil Tan is the Chief Technology Officer of Cloud Registry with extensive experiences in Internet naming systems and digital identity. He is also a member of Registry Services Technical Evaluation Panel at ICANN (2009).[1]

Wil is an expert in DNS, particularly with regards to internationalized domain names and registry operations. As a long-time IDN technology evangelist, he had been contracted to work in various internationalization projects. He was instrumental to the IDN support in the Firefox browser, and was the chief architect of the ISC IDN open source project.

His other specialities include distributed and scalable systems, messaging infrastructure, networking and communications standards, and open source software.[2]

Career History

  • In 2004, he consulted for NeuStar during the .net rebid to develop a transitioning proposal for names in Verisign’s IDN testbed.
  • In 2005, Wil joined NeuStar as a technical consultant where he designed the internationalization architecture and policy for the extensible resource identifier (XRI) registry. He was later employed as a senior software engineer in the registry operations division where he was involved in all aspects of NeuStar’s registry systems managing over 3 million domain names across 7 TLDs. During his employment at NeuStar, Wil helped launch 14 IDN languages in .biz, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean. In order to support the intricacies of the languages, he designed the bundling policies and engineered the registry platform to support the bundling implementation.
  • In December 2007, Wil Tan co-founded MojiPage, a mobile widgets startup, where he amassed insights on all aspects of the mobile Internet.
  • In May 2009, he co-founded Cloud Registry, and is currently serving as the CTO of the company.