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Country: Czech Republic
Email: Y[at]zeropark.com

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LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Yancy Naughton

Yancy Naughton is the Founder of HasTraffic.com and WantsTraffic.com. Up until August 2012, he was the General Manager of ZeroPark.com.[1] He previously developed the advertising networks at ZeroPark and Elephant Traffic.

His goal is to make WantsTraffic.com and Hastraffic.net the 'eBay of Internet traffic; the company provides solutions for under-monetized traffic and domain redirects, especially focused on working with portfolio holders, and expired domains.[2]

Mr. Naughton has been in multi-channel advertising for over 20 years dating back to his founding of NSRS of PA, software and print-based school reporting services founded in 1992. He also was the founder and editor of Golfer Magazines and Services, a golf advertising and travel firm anchored by two print publications, Scottsdale/ Phoenix Area Golfer and Southwest Golfer. Since moving on from that in 2003, he has worked as a consultant for his own company Definite Article Publications, resurrecting and restructuring the sales strategies of established and startup companies such as The Real Estate Book, Moose International and DFS. Most recently he participated in the successful launch of Elephant Traffic, where he met Robert Gryn. He joined ZeroPark in early 2012 and is pleased to rejoin forces with Robert to make it the premier monetization solution and tier 2 ad network in the space. [3]