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Country: Russia
ICANNLogo.png Currently a member

Sergey Gorbunov is the Senior PR Manager for International Projects at RU-CENTER, the leading Russian domain name registrar. He is responsible for interaction and cooperation with foreign RU-CENTER partners.

Gorbunov graduated with honors from the Department of Sociology at the Russian State University of Management. He started working for RU-CENTER in 2007 as a trainee in the Department of Public Relations; he was promoted to Senior Manager within a couple of years.

Sergey is the author of many publications about the Russian domain market for foreign media as well as the articles for the Domain Names Magazine, the only official Russian periodical about the domain name market. Additionally, his publications are regularly posted at, the most popular resource on domain names in Russia.

Since 2009, Sergey has regularly taken part in ICANN meetings.[1]


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