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|logo  =  
|logo  = dotimmo.JPG
|status = Proposed
|status = Proposed
|manager  = [[Starting Dot]] (Applicant) <br> [[Nic.at]] (Applicant)
|manager  = [[Starting Dot]] (Applicant) <br> [[Nic.at]] (Applicant)

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Status: Proposed
country: International
Manager: Starting Dot (Applicant)
Nic.at (Applicant)
Registry: Donuts[[Category:{{#sub:Donuts|2|-2}}]]
Registry Backend: Donuts[[Category:{{#sub:Donuts|2|-2}} Backend]]
Type: Niche TLD
Key People
Godefroy Jordan, CEO of Starting Dot
Richard Wein, General Manager of Nic.at
Registrations: 18,306
Parked Domains: 8,214
Parked Domain %: 44.87 %
Important Dates
Delegation: 27 August 2014
General Availability: 10 December 2014

More Information: 1}}

.immo is a proposed Niche TLD submitted to ICANN's new gTLD expansion program by Starting Dot, a start-up domain registry company based in France. The term immo is an abbreviation for the word "immobilier" which means real estate and it popularly used in France, Germany and Italy. Starting Dot plans to utilize the .immo TLD to provide an online space for the real estate industry including agents, property managers, home builders, professional real estate website publishers, professional insurance and financial services providers. [1]

Starting Dot will possibly face a string contention for .immo TLD with the Austrian domain registry operator Nic.at. Richard Wein, General Manager of Nic.at confirmed the company's 11 TLD applications including the .immo string in April 2012. [2]