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Type: Private, not-for-profit Cooperative
Industry: Registry
Founded: Germany, 1996
Headquarters: Kaiserstr. 75-77
60329 Frankfurt
Country: Germany
Products: .de
Employees: 112 (2015)
Revenue: €14.5m (2014)
Facebook: DENIC
LinkedIn: denic-eg
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Key People
Dr. Jörg Schweiger, Member, Executive Board, CEO

Andreas Musielak, Member, Executive Board, COO
Helga Krüger, Honorary Member, Executive Board
Martin Küchenthal, Honorary Member, Executive Board
Thomas Keller, Chairman, Supervisory Board
Christian Müller, Member, Supervisory Board
Alexander Schwertner, Member, Supervisory Board
Dennis Nizard, Member, Supervisory Board
Daniel Rink, Member, Supervisory Board

DENIC is responsible for managing .de, Germany's ccTLD. DENIC is a registered cooperative with its head office in Frankfurt.[1]

DENIC operates around 16 million domain names.[1]


The .de registry originally dates back to November 5th, 1986, where it began in an academic environment.[2]

Historical Timeline

  • 1986 The country code .de for Germany is entered in the IANA database
  • 1994 Karlsruhe University takes over the name server service for .de in the name of IV-DENIC
  • 1996 The DENIC Cooperative is founded
  • 1997 DENIC starts operation at its new headquarters in Frankfurt am Main
  • 1999 DENIC takes over technical domain administration and thus renders all services around .de
  • 1999 The threshold of one million .de domains is passed
  • 2000 DENIC members reach 100.
  • 2003 DENIC members reach 200.
  • 2004 DENIC allows umlauts and special characters (IDNs) to be used in domain names and makes available the name server service under IPv6.
  • 2005 DENIC Submits Bid for Management of .net TLD.
  • 2006 A total of 10 million .de domains registered.
  • 2009 DENIC launches one- and two-character domains and domains composed exclusively of numerals.
  • 2010 DENIC introduces the letter “eszett”. Now the complete German alphabet is permitted for domain names under .de.
  • 2011 DENIC launches the secure extension DNSSEC for the .de zone.
  • 2012 over 15 million .de domains are under management by DENIC.
  • 2013 With the Redemption Grace Period (RGP), DENIC introduces a 30-day waiting period for deleted domains.
  • 2014 DANE and DNSSEC secure DENICs e-mail communication by channel encryption
  • 2015 The threshold of 16 million .de domains is passed


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