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Country: UK

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Khaled Fattal is the Chairman & CEO of The Multilingual Internet Group, which includes The Multilingual Internet Consortium (MINC), and a number of other groups. He is also the CEO of International Business Enterprises Limited, or IBE limited, and President of the Waqalat Arbitration Center in New Delhi, India. He is a founding member of AINC (Arabic Internet Names Consortium) and is its acting Executive Director, amongst many other designations.

Mr. Fattal is a long-time ICANN participant, and as of the last 2010 conference, ICANN 39 in Cartagena, he was a member of the ICANN 30-plus club; which is a recognition of participants that have been to more than 30 meetings.[1]


Khaled Fattal is an Arab American born in Syria, raised in Beirut, Lebanon; he has been living in the west for the last 29 years. [2] He has a BS (1984) in Business Administration, International Finance and Marketing from University of Southern California, USA and a MBA (1987) in International Business from California State University at Los Angles, USA.

ICANN and Industry Participation

At the 39th ICANN Meeting, held in Cartagena in late 2010, Mr. Fattal use the public forum to comment on the use of the word "terrorist" in a draft of the gTLD Applicant Guidebook; he outlined the negative implications of using this term and the other related language. He noted that the language was vague, and had the potential to be seen as discriminatory to entire nations and their population. It seemed to associate anyone coming from a U.S. sanctioned country with that negative image. He believed that this direct affront to entire countries threatened ICANN's international, egalitarian mandate and had the potential to cause a disruption of the single root Internet. ICANN accepted his comments and changed the language of the clause.[3] His position is also explicated in an open letter, posted on CircleID and elsewhere, it can be seen here.

In October, 2009, Khaled Fattal posted an open letter addressed to the heads of ICANN and its Supporting Organizations, in it he suggested the creation of a new Supporting Organization, the "The Internationalized Domain Names Supporting Organization", or IDNSO. He pointed out that making the success of IDNs a premier and continually monitored issue within ICANN would ensure that it was taking its mandate of creating a global Internet more seriously. As is, he argued that ICANN was heading for "grave disasters" in IDN implementation. He was specifically worried about the lack of IDN concern with regards to new gTLDs.[1]

He participated in the WSIS (World Summit on Information Society) and its declaration of Principle and action plan of December 2003, and the consultation on the formation of the WGIG (United Nations Working Group on Internet Governance) created by Mr Kofe Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations. He has been an ICANN President's Advisory Committee Member for Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs) since 2005. [4]

When a Polish ccTLD registry, NASK, posted ICANN & IANA’s Arabic Language Table, he led the campaign to remove the table and reserve the development of Arabic language standards and tables to be done by Arabian Nationalities. [5] On Aug 9th 2004, Arabic, Greek and Hebrew language tables were removed.

Career History

  • From 1984 to 1989 Khaled Fattal acted as the International Business Consultant, Jordan in Dawson, Lawrence and Carbon, USA
  • From 1989 to 1991 Khaled Fattal was the President of United Capital Investments & Eagle KTF International Enterprises International , USA.
  • From 1992 to 1994 Project Manager/ Regional Manager of Saudi Arabia/ International Market at RJR Nabisco.
  • He was the Managing Director and owner of Mobile Emporium Telecom. UK from 1997 to 19999
  • From 1995, he is acting as the CEO of International Business Enterprises Limited and The Multilingual Internet Group.