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Circle ID logo.png
Type: Private
Industry: IT news, media, and blogs
Founded: 2002
Founder(s): Ali Farshchian
Ownership: Iomemo Technologies, Inc.
Headquarters: 100 - 1260 Hamilton Street
Suite 172
Vancouver, BC V6B 2S8
Country: Canada
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@circleid

CircleID is a news and opinion site that produces news articles, blogs, and other commentary on internet governance and infrastructure; the site attracts those involved in internet policies and maintenance both as readers and commentators. The site was founded in mid-2002.[1]

User Accounts

In July, 2008, CircleID introduced its newest updates to the site; which they labeled as "CircleID 2.0."[2] Many of the changes were intended to highlight and strengthen the user-based focus of the site. Registered users are given a variety of tools to encourage activity on the site; and many of the most prominent contributors use CircleID as their primary IT blog. The profiles given to each user have room for bios which are able to highlight the individual behind their commentary, and links to send readers to other websites associated with the contributor.


CircleID has a whole section dedicated to ICANN related news and blogs.[3] These include updates of every ICANN conference.

In December, 2005, ICANN selected CircleID to host its 24th international public-meeting in Vancouver, Canada.[4] ICANN posted its debriefing of the meeting here.


While much of the news material published on CircleID is culled from international media to fit its specific niche, CircleID has also been used as a source by many well-known and reputable news agencies, including: WIRED magazine, the BBC, The Wall Street Journal, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Washington Journal, and other web-based IT news outlets.[5]