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Industry: Internet Governance
Founded: 2006
Website: LACRALO Community Page
Key People
Sergio Salinas Porto, Chair
Harold Arcos, Secretariat

The Latin American and Caribbean Islands Regional At-Large Organization (LACRALO) is one of the five RALOs that make up the ALAC constituency within ICANN. It provides news, resources, and information for individuals and end-user groups in the Latin American region, including Central America and the Caribbean, who are interested in ICANN.[1]

LACRALO Leadership

Board Members[2]ALSLocationTerm
Sergio Salinas Porto, ChairInternauta ArgentinaArgentinaAGM 2018- AGM 2019
Harold Arcos, SecretariatInternauta VenezuelaVenezuelaAGM 2018-AGM 2019

ALAC Representatives

RALO NAME RALO/NomCom Result Term
LACRALO Richardo Holmquist  Nom-Com Selected AGM 2017 - AGM 2019
LACRALO Barlett Morgan RALO Elected AGM 2017 - AGM 2019
LACRALO Humberto Carrasco RALO Elected AGM 2018 - AGM 2020

Nominating Committee (NomCom) Delegate from LACRALO

Tracy Hackshaw AGM 2018 - AGM 2019

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