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Affiliation: ALAC, Fellowship Program, NextGen@ICANN
Region: Europe
Country: Austria
Email: 0x42366EE322E1385B


LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Matthias Markus Hudobnik
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @mhudobnik

Matthias Markus Hudobnik is an Austrian jurist and engineer so-called legal engineer. In 2002, as a teenager, he bought his first domain name and started coding websites. Since then he has been passionate about the development of the Internet.

From August 2018 until December 2019, he was EURALO’s Co-Chair of the ALAC Sub-Committee on Outreach & Engagement.[1]

Since November 2019, Hudobnik serves as the youngest and first Austrian member of the At-Large Advisory Committee of EURALO, representing Internet end-users from this region[2][3] and is a member of the EURALO Board.[4]

Career History

Hudobniks professional experiences range from Kazakhstan to Poland, Germany, Netherlands, and Austria in the fields of law and technology e.g. judiciary, EU Agency, international law firms, Cyber Security Center, University of Graz, Austrian Embassy - Commercial Section Almaty Office[5], Mahle GmbH, Office of the Carinthian Government.

ICANN and Internet Governance Participations

Hudobniks ICANN and Internet Governance engagement activities started in March 2017.

ICANN involvement

Dialogue on Internet Governancə

  • In June 2017, he was selected as CROPP to attend the EuroDIG 2017 in Tallinn.
  • In December 2017, he was nominated by the EURALO Individuals' Association[17] for the EURALO Board[18] and got the opportunity to attend the IGF 2018 in Geneva.
  • In June 2018, Hudobnik was selected as a Fellow to participate in the EuroDIG 2018 in Tbilisi.
  • In May 2019, he was selected to represent EURALO as ICANN funded candidate to attend SeeDIG in Bucharest.
  • In June 2019, Hudobnik was selected as a Fellow to participate in the EuroDIG 2019 in The Hague and helped to organize a session about the GDPR Implementation.[19]
  • In November 2019, Hudobnik was selected to represent the At-Large community e.g. EURALO as CROPP funded candidate to attend the IGF in Berlin. He was booth-leader and in charge of the whole organization of the respective outreach and engagement activities.
  • In June 2020, he participated in the first virtual EuroDIG 2020 to represent EURALO and attended the virtual ICANN 68 Policy Forum as part of the At-Large Advisory Committee of EURALO, focusing on domain name abuse during COVID-19.[20]

Summer School on Internet Governance

  • In July 2017, Hudobnik completed the 11th Euro-SSIG in Meissen.[21]

Domain Pulse

RIPE meetings

IETF meeting


Hudobnik completed the College of Electronics Specializing in Technical Computer Science and is a Cisco Certified Network Associate. His project team developed a mobile fitness and body monitoring device named Ironm@Z funded by the provincial government.

He holds a Magister Juris from the University of Graz with a diploma thesis topic related to Domain Privacy.

Since the beginning of his law studies, Hudobnik is focusing on the areas of Cyber Law, Cyber Security, Internet Governance, Privacy, Legal Tech, and Intellectual Property. Throughout his studies, he went on Erasmus exchange at the Tilburg Law School specialized in International Law and participated in the Tilburg Model United Nations.

Diploma Thesis

The title of the diploma thesis is The Future of WHOIS - An analysis of the Policy Development Process under the GDPR with a focus on the litigation ICANN v. EPAG[30]. Hudobnik analyzes, how access to crucial information and protected data in the WHOIS-system can be ensured. Specifically, whether the collection and storage of personal data of the Admin-C and Tech-C are lawful, as well as whether the processing purposes are sufficiently specified under the GDPR. The modification of the WHOIS databases has significant practical implications since the GDPR came into force, as well as the Expedited Policy Development Process on the Temporary Specification for gTLD Registration Data (EPDP), which has potentially been influenced by the litigation ICANN v. EPAG. The diploma thesis concludes that there is a definite need for further modifications of other relevant policy agreements within the domain name registration process. The year 2019 will show whether Phase 2 of the EPDP on the Temp Spec finalizes in time, and delivers a holistic solution for compliance with the GDPR that is respected by the wide range of stakeholder groups involved.[31]

In June 2019, Hudobnik presented the paper WHOIS and the GDPR - A (never) ending story in cyberspace?,[32] at the 34th International Conference on ICT Systems Security and Privacy Protection (IFIP SEC 2019) at the Lisbon School of Economics & Management.[33]

Summer Schools and other Participations

Hudobnik completed several training courses and summer schools in the fields of Cyber Law, Intellectual Property, Cyber Security, Internet Governance, Privacy and Legal Tech all over the globe e.g. LSE, HSE, IPR Center University Helsinki, HSD, NCIA, NATO, Europol, Tallinn University of Technology, University of Adelaide, University of Aarhus, Karlstad University, European University Viadrina, Legal Tech Center, ISEG, ERA - Academy of European Law.

Moreover, he was part of the UN-Shadowing Program at the IAEA, the 23rd Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court,[34] and accomplished the Diploma course of the Global Advancement Programme[35] organized by the United Nations Youth and Student Association of Austria - Academic Forum for Foreign Affairs.[36]


Hudobnik regularly speaks at ICANN meetings and published articles related to Cyberlaw, Cyber Security, Privacy, and Legaltech.

Writings and Presentations

  • Article, Is network communitarianism a better regulatory model than cyberpaternalism? GAP-Journal 2015/16[37]
  • Presentation, Regulation of the Digital Environment, University of Graz, NextGen@ICANN58 program[38]
  • Poster Presentation, Space Law: Austrian Pioneers in Space - Österreich und seine Bedeutung für die Raumfahrt, Symposium: Trends and Challenges of Satellite-Based Earth Observation for Economics and Society, University of Graz[39]
  • Paper Presentation, Regulation in cyberspace? VI International Summer School on Cyber Law, National Research University Higher School of Economics[40]
  • Paper Presentation, Is network communitarianism a better regulatory model than cyberpaternalism? 12th International IFIP Summer School on Privacy and Identity Management, Karlstad University, Joint Research Centre of the European Commission[41]
  • Diploma Thesis, The Future of WHOIS - An analysis of the Policy Development Process under the GDPR with a focus on the litigation ICANN v. EPAG, University of Graz[30]
  • Paper Presentation, WHOIS and the GDPR - A (never) ending story in cyberspace? 34th IFIP SEC 2019, Lisbon School of Economics & Management[33]
  • Article, The Stopp Corona app - Austria as a forerunner in the development of contact-tracing-apps, COVID-19 Global Insights Ebook[42]

Newspaper Articles

  • Newspaper Article, Kuehnsdorfer schnuppert in fremder Wirtschaft - Matthias Hudobnik macht ein Volontariat in der Außenwirtschaft in Kasachstan,[5]
  • Interview, Matthias M. Hudobnik über die ungewöhnliche Teilnahme eines Juristen - Hackathons für Juristen…im Ernst?, TalentRocket[43]
  • Interview, Bettina Gegenbauer und Matthias M. Hudobnik - It’s #NextGeneration, Future-Law[44]
  • Interview, Matthias M. Hudobnik - Eine Brücke zwischen Technik und Recht,[45]


  • Talk, Stopp Corona App: An Open Door For Surveillance Of My Personal Data? #EDENStaysAtHomeTalks[46]



Hudobnik is a sports enthusiast, finisher of several (half)marathon, triathlon, and (Half)Ironman races as well as loves to participate in hackathons.


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