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This meta space for ICANNWiki Content Planning lists resources and concepts that are being worked on or need work performed in them.

Draft Content Guide for ICANNWiki


ICANNWiki is concerned with all matters related to Internet Governance, not being limited to ICANN. The scope of this coverage is wide, but should not normally encompass subjects that would already be better covered elsewhere.

For a clear-cut example, it might be notable to outline that a person comes from a certain geographical region, for example, if they were responsible for bringing Internet connectivity to the Brazilian city of Embu das Artes. In that case, an external link to Wikipedia’s article on Embu das Artes would be ideal, rather than creating an article for ICANNWiki.

For a more subjective example, an article on router devices might be better covered by Wikipedia’s article on Router (computing), although that might not be the case if an ICANNWiki volunteer wants to contribute their expert insights into how this affects Internet Governance. Meanwhile, an article on the practice of routing traffic can be assumed to be better covered by ICANNWiki’s specialized community in our Routing article.


The criteria for notability of an article are that of being relevant to Internet Governance or ICANN in general. The bar is intentionally set lower than Wikipedia in order to accommodate concepts and community members that would not otherwise be a fit to be included there.


Given the global nature of the ICANNWiki project and the diversity of its users, an academic tone is not expected from contributions. However, a professional tone is required. Usage of slang and stylistics outside of common rules is discouraged exactly to ensure an even playing field for all contributors. This normalization will be enforced by community managers and administrators.

In the case of companies, NGOs and other programs, writing must be neutral, without marketing. It is valid to say what a company does and how that is related to Internet Governance or how that company participates in ICANN. That is not to say that a company cannot list its services, but that should not be done as a sales pitch.

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