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ICANNWiki is the indispensable resource for the ICANN community and people interested in internet governance. As an open platform managed by the community for the community, we provide valuable, up-to-date information that can be hard to find elsewhere.

ICANNWiki is independent from ICANN. In line with traditional Wiki Values, we maintain a Neutral Point of View in our content creation methods and site usage policies.

ICANNWiki gives everyone a voice in the future of the Internet

ICANNWiki is an indispensable resource for the ICANN Community. For anyone and everyone interested in Internet Governance. An open platform managed by the community for the community. Independent from ICANN. Together, we compile and synthesize relevant information and provide historical context for the DNS from a neutral point of view. Whether it's timely updates on policy development, deep dives into community work, or primers on salient issues such as DNS Abuse, ICANNWiki provides a forum for the community to build and share knowledge. We are grateful to our sponsors, both past and present.

ICANNWiki is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible in the United States.

Sponsor us for exposure, impact, or both.
Become a
Bronze Sponsor ($1,000/conference or $3,000/year)
Silver Sponsor ($2,500/conference or $7,500/year)
  • Bronze benefits, plus:
  • Time with an ICANNWiki staff member to work with you on articles associated with your organization and/or interests
  • Selection of featured articles/series on the Main Page
  • Selected personnel and company name included in playing cards
Gold Sponsor ($5,000/conference or $15,000/year)
  • Silver benefits, plus:
  • Direct how we use your donation
  • Request a project to be developed or contribute to ongoing content and technical efforts
Platinum Sponsor ($10,000/conference or $30,000/year)
  • Gold benefits, plus:
  • Top placement of your logo on deck of playing cards
In-Kind Sponsorships

If your organization is operating in the ICANN space, there might be an opportunity for an in-kind sponsorship! Past and ongoing in-kind donations include gTLD analytics, legal assistance for our organization, and intern support.

Or donate directly via PayPal!

Contact Us

Are you interested in sponsoring our work? Do you have an idea for an in-kind sponsorship? Contact the team to continue the conversation.

  • ray [at] icannwiki.com
  • jessica [at] icannwiki.org

ICANNWiki is a 501(c)(3) non-Profit. All membership contributions are tax-deductible in the U.S.

Member Benefits

  • Website - Your logo placed prominently on ICANNWiki’s front page.
  • ICANNWiki Booth - Your logo placed prominently at ICANNWiki’s Booth during ICANN Meetings.
  • Newsletters - Your logo in ICANNWiki’s monthly e-mail newsletter, which has approximately 2,000 subscribers.
  • Annual Meetings - Your logo on ICANNWiki’s booth signage, including our full-color backdrop at 2+ ICANN conferences per year.
  • Giveaways - Your logo placed on our customized collateral (see below), which are given out at ICANN conferences.
  • Dedicated Support Staff - An ICANNWiki staff member works with you to add and edit articles associated with your organization.

Partnership Exclusives

Those who wish to more thoroughly support ICANNWiki can participate in one of our exclusive opportunities. Our giveaways are an extremely cost-effective and memorable way to target the large and clearly defined ICANN market. In addition to the base fee of $2,000 per meeting, Partners can support as many giveaways as they want, for $3,000 apiece.

ICANNWiki has earned the reputation of being innovative. Partners can also work directly with ICANNWiki staff to develop special research projects which utilize data from our website. Please inquire for further details.

ICANN 55 ICANNWiki Quick Guide ICANNWiki Quick Guide

Custom-made for each ICANN conference, the ICANNWiki Quick Guide is an all-encompassing publication that includes a City Guide rundown of the host city, and a Primer of the conference, which highlights key topics, acronyms, people, and meetings that partcipants should know about.
Caricature Badges Caricature Badges

Our custom-illustrated caricatures get unmatched visibility at every ICANN conference. Each caricature is printed on-demand, offering a fun alternative to generic name badges and creating a frequent source of corridor conversation! Partners receive prominent logo placement on the front of each badge.
Edit-a-thon Guides Edit-a-thons

Informative events and receptions held around the globe and at ICANN meetings. Our Edit-a-thons encourages direct participation from the Internet Governance community, by addressing technical questions and teaches participants how they can build out articles on ICANNWiki and spread their unique knowledge to the wider world.
ICANN 53 Playing Cards Playing Card Decks

Unique to each conference, the playing card decks are a longstanding extension of our caricatures. Playing Card Partners have their logo exclusively featured on the card box and deck, and are given the opportunity to highlight their company and its members with special cards.

Many many thanks to all of our Past Supporters who have made it possible for the project to come this far.