Adanna Burris

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Affiliation: Government of Trinidad and Tobago
Country: Trinidad and Tobago
Email: burrisadanna [at]

Adanna Burris works for the Ministry of Science and Technology for the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. She assists the government by offering legal advice on issues related to the country's national ICT plan, smarTT, as well as advising on the implementation of other ICT initiatives.[1]

She intends to become a member of the local ISOC chapter in Trinidad by the end of 2014.[1]

ICANN 51 in Los Angeles was Burris' first ICANN Meeting, where she was an ICANN Fellow. She had also previously attended INET and LACNIC meetings.[1]

She is currently pursuing her Master's in Internet Law and Policy at the University of Strathclyde, and she lists being blessed with national and international scholarships and financing as amongst her proudest life achievements. In the future, she hopes to "strengthen the Caribbean voice in the ICANN world and in Internet Governance in general", and self-professes that she is "very eccentric".[1]


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