Adeel Sadiq

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Organization: Huawei
Affiliation: Fellowship Program, NextGen@ICANN
Region: Asia
Country: Pakistan
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Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @bombblaster007

Adeel Sadiq is working as a Network Engineer at Huawei Technologies since July 2015, where he works on the biggest surveillance project of south Asia, the Safe City. He manages the configuration of routers and switchers.[1]


Bachelors of Electrical Engineering, National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan

Conference Involvement

ICANN 55 was his first ICANN Meeting, where he was involved with NextGen@ICANN.[1] He has served as a NextGen@ICANN56 Ambassador in Finland.

He was also a Fellow to APNIC 40 at Indonesia, IGF 2015 at Brasil, and MENOG 16 at Turkey.[1] He was also a fellow to APIGA 2016 in Korea, ICANN 57 in India, ICANN 58 in Denmark and ISOC Ambassador to IGF 2016 in Mexico.


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