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Affiliation: Research ICT Africa
Country: South Africa
Email: cchair[at]


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Chenai Chair manages Research ICT Africa Mobile Pricing (RAMP) Indices database. She has written policy briefs on and mapping new business models on the prepaid market and cost of communication trends. She is also the communications and evaluations officer of RIA. She works on Internet governance focusing on - gender and Internet Governance [1], Africa participation at internet governance forums, Human rights and Internet governance. Chenai has participated in Regional and Global internet governance meetings that include Africa Internet Governance Forum , Brazil IGF and ICANN55 Marrakech as Nextgen@ICANN. Her main areas of interest: women, youth and informal sector and their access and use of ICTs to ensure social and economic inclusion.


As an intern, Chenai assisted with ICT and development project on improving water and sanitation service delivery in rural South Africa. She contributed to the e-government section in the final report Community Engagement in Drinking Water Supply Management: A Review [2]

University of Cape Town

Chenai worked as a tutor in Sociology for first and second-year undergrads. She tutored introduction to sociology and Industrial relations


Chenai received a B.SocSci in Gender and Industrial Relations (2010), BsocSci Hons in Industrial Relations (2011) and MSocSci in Global Studies (2014) from University of Cape Town