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Country: Canada
Email: cbbrowne[at]
LinkedIn: link=Profile   [Profile Chris Browne]

Chris Browne is a Database Architect for Afilias, and has been working in their Canadian office since 2003. He has been involved in important technical system devlopments at Afilias; such as when Mr. Browne wrote the code for the 2003 TLD migration of .org to The Public Interest Registry (PIR), for which Afilias provides backend registry functions. He continues to work on TLD migration programming, like the .pro migration (2012), and tending Afilias' database architecture. Chris is one of the developers of the Slony replication system for the postgreSQL, open source database that duplicates data from one database to another the keep them synchronized and provide high availability.[1]

Chris is a member of the PGCon Conference Committee, an annual PostgreSQL conference held in Ottawa which brings together those interested in PostgresSQL. He has worked as a consultant for a variety of companies, and initially began at Afilias on a consultative basis before advancement that led him to his current position.[2]