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Country: USA

Chris Hartnett is a primarily a value investor who looks to acquire domain names at solid price values. He is the sole owner of about 12,000 domain names and a partial owner of around 20,000.[1]

Career History

In the 1990s, Hartnett and his company USA Global Link were the first to allow global phone-to-phone dialing via the Internet. By 1999, the company's revenue had reached $589 million. When global 800 phone numbers were introduced, USA Global Link purchased more of them than any other party in the world. Hartnett also established another company called Global Online India and become a well-known entrepreneur who received recognition from numerous publications and awards.[1]

Charitable Work

Harnett has donated substantial time and money to the Maharishi Global Development Fund, which aims to eradicate poverty, health problems, and housing issues in under-privileged countries throughout the world. He and his wife Linda also serve on the organization's Board of Directors.[1]

Fun Facts

Harnett credits much of his life's work to his supportive father and dropping out of Loyola Marymount to attend Marahishi International University's School of Management, which was founded by the spiritual icon Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Hartnett also helped found and develop The Transcendental Meditation Program, and credits the practice to helping him find the strength to overcome his many physical ailments through the years.[1]

He also worked for a time as a professional magician.