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Industry: Cybersecurity
Founded: October 2021
Founder(s): Jeffrey Bedser
Ownership: Privately held
Headquarters: Yardley PA, USA
Country: USA
Products: DNS Abuse and Online Harms management and mitigation
Employees: 13 (2023)
Website: CleanDNS
Facebook: CleanDNS
LinkedIn: CleanDNS
Key People
Jeffrey Bedser, CEO

CleanDNS is a monitoring platform and case management tool for facilitating responding to, tracking, and migrating reported DNS Abuse. The DNSAI launched NetBeacon in collaboration with CleanDNS, which donated the development and technology behind NetBeacon.[1]

Creating a Better, Safer Internet

CleanDNS was developed by a team of cyber security and investigative professionals who recognized the critical need for a systemized, customizable process to rein in domain name abuse. As bad actors continue to multiply and modify their domain abuse tactics, registries, and registrars need a better way to identify, track, and report abuse activity.

The CleanDNS platform’s evidence abuse reporting simplifies and accelerates mitigation procedures. By facilitating early detection of abuse, CleanDNS assists with detecting likely sources of abuse and helps our clients slow, shut down, and counter their spread.

The CleanDNS platform’s domain abuse monitoring and case management capabilities are wholly flexible. They can be operated entirely by your team, supplemented by support from CleanDNS’s expert analysts, or completely managed by CleanDNS on your behalf, saving your organization time and money on internal resources.

CleanDNS makes life easier for registries and registrars

  • Our proprietary platform keeps you informed with regularly scheduled updates to discuss and address DNS abuse in an effective and timely manner.
  • User-friendly dashboard provides a comprehensive history and view of identified abuse activities and analyst evaluation records’ measurements.
  • CleanDNS can be tailored to integrate with your anti-abuse operations.
  • For a 360° solution, CleanDNS can establish rules and structured processes for clients who are without a policy-driven approach to mitigating DNS abuse. We take managing DNS abuse off your hands for total peace of mind.

CleanDNS facilitates a safer domain name system by standardizing and streamlining abuse remediation

  • CleanDNS helps registries stay compliant with ICANN Registry Agreement Specification 11.3b by tracking required measurement and reporting
  • CleanDNS helps registrars qualify for incentive programs such as the Public Interest Registry’s Quality Program Index, which ultimately helps improve registrar margins
  • Early detection of abuse patterns helps identify sources and counter their proliferation.