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Industry: Registry
Country: Montenegro
Blog: Blog
Key People
Predrag Lesic, CEO
Natasa Djukanovic, International Sales Director

doMEn (doing business as .Me Registry) is the organization which manages registry operations for Montenegro's .me ccTLD.[1]


Main Article: .me
.me is the country code top level domain name (ccTLD) for the government of Montenegro. It is an Open Use ccTLD, with no restrictions on registration for the majority of domain names. Some names are reserved for sale as premium names by .Me Registry, and the second-level domains,, and are restricted to use by institutions and entities within Montenegro.[2]

ICANN Participation

.Me Registry announced the re-launching of .me ccTLD during the ICANN 32 meeting in Paris, and its sales director Natasa Djukanovic has been actively promoting the domain name space within the ICANN community at successive ICANN meetings. The ccTLD has also been promoted during other industry fora, such as DOMAINfest and TRAFFIC conferences.[3] [4]