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Type: Private
Industry: Internet
Founded: 2004
Founder(s): Richard Lau
Jothan Frakes
Donna Mahoney
Ron Sheridan
Phil McKegney
Joe Smith
Adil Shakur
Richard Kirkendall
Ownership: NamesCon
Businesses: Domain Conference
Employees: Jothan Frakes,Richard Lau
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png[ @[1]]
Key People
Richard Lau,
Jothan Frakes,
Terri Potratz

Domainfest, a conference brand owned by NamesCon, is an event focused on Domain Names, which can be as large as a multi-day event or as small as a dinner or cocktail gathering. DOMAINfest @____ are events that started with DOMAINfest @NamesCon at the 2015 NamesCon conference and will continue with multiple different locations and meetings that are connected to events and activities that are well complimented by domain name social or content events.

DOMAINfests are a global conference open for individuals or entities in the domain industry. Its primary objective is to provide an avenue for high quality learning and networking for those interested or engaged in domain business. Domainfest conferences are primarily focused on domain industry trends, advertising and marketing strategy, and domain investment opportunities.[1] Domain auctions are also conducted during the conference.

Domainfest was created by Richard Lau, Jothan Frakes and Joe Smith in 2005 as a loosely organized series of daytime events to gather people and companies in the Domain Name industry. In 2006 Ron Sheridan and DomainSponsor hired Jothan Frakes away from NameIntelligence after two successful Domain Roundtable conferences, to start the first DOMAINfest in Barcelona.

From 2006 until 2014, DOMAINfest were operated by and DomainSponsor, with well attended events in Barcelona, Prague, Amsterdam, Paris (DomainerMeeting), New York, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, with larger 'Global' events in Santa Monica and Hollywood California as 'DOMAINfest Global' and 'WebFest Global'.


Some of the noteworthy guests who have served as speakers at the DOMAINfest Global conferences include:

Past DOMAINfest experts, panelists, moderators, and speakers also include: Aaron Kornblum, Adam Epstein, Adam Rioux, Adam Smadja, Adam Strong, Adam Weiss, Adrian Kinderis, Alan Hack, Alex Gardner, Andrew Miller, Andries de Villiers, Andy Atkins-Krueger, Antony VanCouvering, Aparna Bijlani, Ari Goldberger, Art Shaw, Arthur Lathrop, Bas van den Beld, Bill Sweetman, Bob Mountain, Brent Bishop, Bret Fausett, Brian Benko, Brian Gilbert, Bruce Clay, Bruce Marler, Charles D.A. Ruffolo, Chris Sivertsen, Christian Kerschbaum, Christine Johanson, Christoph Grueneberg, Craig Snyder, Dan Ho, Dan Pulcrano, Dan Schindler, Dan Warner, Daniel Dryzek, Danny Sullivan, David Asplund, David Castello, David Hauser, David Liu, David Mason, David Sams, Don Watters, Dorian Quispe, Douglas McPherson, Edmon Chung, Elliot Silver, Emiliano Pasqualetti, Eric Liaw, Eric Litman, Evan Horowitz, Eytan Elbaz, Florian Stelzner, Frank Langston, Frank Michlick, Frank Schilling, Frederick Schiwek, Gregg McNair, Hennie Groot Lipman, Hiro Hotta, Howard Wyner, Howard Yeh, Hui Tam, Jan Bednar, Jay Berkowitz, Jeff Kupietzky, Jeremy Copp, Jessica Besseling, Joel Magolnick, Joerg Schnermann, John Battelle, John Berryhill, John Carcutt, John Suh, John Tompkins, Jon Nevett, Josh Armstrong, Jothan Frakes, Juan Calle, Kathy Nielson, Ken Hansen, Klemens Pidner, Krista Papac, Kurt Pritz, Larry Fischer, Lawrence Ng, Leona Chen, Liz Williams, Lori Anne Wardi, Lori Harmon, Louis Doctor, Markus Schnermann, Mason Cole, Matej Novak, Matt Bentley, Matt Serlin, Melodie Tao, Michael Arrington, Michael Berkens, Michael Castello, Michael Collins, Michael Gilmour, Michele Jourdan, Michele Neylon, Mike "Zappy" Zapolin, Monte Cahn, Naresh Rekhi, Nick Jordan, Nico Zeifang, Nora Cotter, Pablo Conde, Paul Keating, Paul Sloan, Peter Celeste, Peter Hillary, Phil Corwin, Philip S. Corwin, Pinkard Alan Brand, Pinky Brand, Ralf Hein, Ray Vasquez, Reed Shelly, Richard Jalichandra, Richard Lau, Richard Martin, Richard Morganstern, Richard Wein, Rick Waters, Rita Young, Rob Hall, Roderick Moon, Roger Collins, Roland Chemtob, Ron Jackson, Ron Sheridan, Rory Holland, Russ Goodwin, Ryan Berryman, S. Brian Mukherjee, Samantha Frida, Sandra K. Brooks, Scott Beber, Scott Higgason, Sean Moriarty, Sean Stafford, Selwyn Gerber, Sergey Gorbunov, Sheena Malek, Steve Atlee, Sudhir Bhagwan, Sujan Patel, Susan Kawaguchi, Thomas Bindl, Tim Cole, Tim Schumacher, Tina Dam, Todd Greene, Tom Murphy, Tom Rusling, Tony Hsieh, Victor H. Pitts, W. David Snead, William A. Delgado, Xavier Buck, and Zak Muscovitch.

DOMAINfest.Asia 2015

DOMAINfest.Asia 2015 was held in Macau on September 4-7, 2015. This was underwritten by DotAsia and was co-produced by Alegravita and NamesCon founder Jothan Frakes. There will be a DOMAINfest Asia 2016 held in Hong Kong on September 19-22, 2016. More info at: [2]

DOMAINfest Sofia 2015

Sofia, Bulgaria was home to more than 400 people for Bulgarian Internet Week in June of 2015, with country-wide events across a whole week with DomainForum in Ruse and Varna, and then DOMAINfest Sofia and EuroDig in Sofia.

DOMAINfest @NamesCon 2015

Was held on the first day of the NamesCon 2015 in Las Vegas.

DOMAINfest Global 2014

Located in Hollywood, California, this event featured a concert by The Stone Temple Pilots. This was the last of the DOMAINfest series hosted by before Richard Lau and Jothan Frakes as NamesCon acquired DOMAINfest from them in December 2014.

DOMAINfest Global 2012

Hosted at the Fairmont Miramar in Santa Monica, California on January 31 to February 2, 2012. Twitter co-founder Biz Stone was be the keynote speaker. Based on the line-up of speakers, the event will focus on search engine optimization (SEO).[2] You can find the complete list of speakers here. It was noted by Mike Berkens, himself a famous domainer, that DOMAINfest 2012 did not have any actual domainers on its lineup of speakers and experts.[3] The attendance for DOMAINfest 2012 was around 600 people, about 100 less than the year before. It was noted that this seemed to include more newcomers than in years past as well.[4]