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Domainsponsor logo.png
Industry: Domain Industry - Parking, Monetization
Founded: 2001
Founder(s): Lawrence Ng
Fred Hsu
Headquarters: 515 S. Flower St, Ste 4400
Los Angeles CA 90071
Country: USA
Businesses: DOMAINfest
Employees: 250

DomainSponsor offers domain parking services and is a subsidiary of DomainSponsor is the founder and organizer of DOMAINfest, a series of conference dedicated to providing relevant information and opportunities for entities in the domain industry looking to expand their business and increase their revenue. DomainSponsor helps domain owners develop and monetize their domain names through direct navigation traffic.[1] established DomainSponsor in 2001 as part of its domain services division to offer direct navigation traffic solutions to PPC advertisers. The company became operational in 2002 and helps its clients obtain higher revenue through various methods that include unlimited referrals.[2].

In 2006, the company launched DOMAINfest to cater to the needs of entrepreneurs in the domain name industry.[3] In 2009, the company expanded its operations to Europe and established its European headquarters in Germany. Joerg Schnermann serves as General Manager of DomainSponsor Europe.[4]


DomainSponsor provided PPC parking services very early on, later changing it to a more hybrid system. There are restrictions on who can sign up for their site, the criteria being that you must own more than fifty domains to apply.

DomainSponsor systems have grown increasingly sophisticated over the years, and presently allow customers to arrive at different landing pages for the same domain, allowing an analyst to check what sort of pages will optimize best. Pages can either be generic or more graphically intense, and this, combined with the ability to rotate 'landing pages', allows a business to optimize it's pages in favor of those that better procure revenue and customers.

The optimization processes of the site are known to function better with domains that experience heavy traffic.

In recent years, in keeping with the rest of the industry, DomainSponsor has instituted algorithms that analyze the quality of traffic, ensuring that traffic from a site actually generates revenue.[5]

Products and Services

Domain Optimization: The core of DomainSponsor's services are their optimization processes that ensure that landing pages generate maximum revenue. Optimization is based upon an analysis of the language and design of a landing page as well as of semantics and customer behaviors. These complex analytic systems are what make DomainSponsor's revenue optimization process so successful.

Account Managers: A DomainSponsor client is usually assigned a dedicated account manager.

Loyalty Rewards System: DomainSponsor also has a Loyalty Rewards program, offering cash rewards for either maintaining or enhancing the amount of domains owned by a member.

Speedy Payouts: Lastly, payment by DomainSponsor is also optimized, with payment speeds that are as fast or faster than other similar sites. [6]

Dispute Resolution Policy

As a courtesy to its customers, DomainSponsor implemented a dispute resolution policy. The company is against any user who violates the intellectual property rights of others. If a domain name owner complains of trademark infringement, Domain Sponsor will investigate the issue within two business days. If the company finds that a certain user participating in the DomainSponsor System violated the complainant's intellectual property rights, the domain name in dispute will be removed from the system. The company may also terminate domain name owners who are found to be repeat violators. Customers are advised to submit a trademark dispute notice with complete information to DomainSponsor if their trademark is violated.[7]

ICANN Involvement

DomainSponsor is an active participant in the different activities and meetings of ICANN.[8] [9] The company also invites members of the ICANN community to serve as speakers during its DOMAINfest conferences.

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