Domain Security Company

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Industry: New gTLDs
Founded: 2009
Country: USA
Employees: 1-10
LinkedIn: Profile

Domain Security Company LLC (previously known as Asif LLC) is a small, Wisconsin-based start-up that planned on allpying for .bank and .secure in ICANN's new gTLD program.[1] It did not apply.

The company has noted that wanted to implement "ground-breaking encryption technology", and that all applicants for the .bank TLD would be manually verified as legitimate financial institutions.[2]


In January, 2012, Domain Secuirty Company, under its original Asif name, managed to obtain from the US Patent and Trademark Office the approval for trademarks for ".secure" and ".bank". The company also apparently became a GoDaddy reseller in order to justify its claim that it was using the terms in commerce. It is well-known that you cannot apply for trademarks for TLDs, and so it is unclear but doubtful that the move will eventually help the company obtain the patented terms. The trademarks were awarded because they claimed that they were being used for "registration services".[3][4]