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EBrand Services.JPG
Type: Privately held
Industry: IT Services
Founded: 2006
Ownership: EuroDNS
Headquarters: 2, rue Léon Laval, L-3372 Leudelange
Country: Luxembourg
Website: www.ebrandservices.com
LinkedIn: eBrand Services
Key People
Lutz Berneke, Group CEO

eBrand Services is a domain name management company based in Luxembourg with offices in different parts of Europe and in the United States. The company currently manages the domain name portfolios of more than 400 companies. The company's team of experts specializes in brand management and e-marketing campaigns and their strategy is focused on combating cybersquatting.[1] EBrand Services is a corporate division of EuroDNS, a domain name registrar specializing in international domain name extension.[2]

eBrand Services has offices in Denmark, Sweden, France, Belux, Sweitzerland, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the United States. Lutz Berneke serves as its CEO.[3]


The company provides the following services to its clients:[4]

  • Portfolio Management- eBrand Services is expert in organizing and transferring and managing thousands of domain names from external providers.
  • Monitoring- The company provides a comprehensive report regarding the client's brand exposure to international marketplaces by identifying issues that need immediate assessment and action.
  • Recovery- The company can help clients recover domain names that have been registered by other entities in other countries through legal action or buying back the domain name. Clients will be provided with a detailed assessment to determine which process is better to recover the domain name.
  • Dotbrand- eBrand Services offers a complete solution for companies interested in operating their own dot Brand gTLD starting with application process with ICANN to the daily operations of the TLD.

eBrand Services Best Practices

The company enumerated seven best practices in managing domain names such as:[5]

  1. View Your Domain Names as a Corporate Asset
  2. Centralize Domain Name Management
  3. Perform Systematic DN Portfolio Audits
  4. Audit and Centralize Your Trademark Portfolio at the Same Time
  5. Monitor Domain Registration Information for Guaranteed Renewals
  6. Stay Informed About New Threats
  7. Monetize Domain Names

Marketing Strategy

eBrand Services has four marketing strategies for companies to be able to re-position their brands particularly during economic recession. These recommendations include:[6]

  1. Keep informed of the marketplace trends and forces
  2. Think outside the brand box
  3. Let the current economic recession be a driver for creativity and opportunity
  4. Seek external expertise to find the right strategy for your new or growing business to optimize your brand power and valuation


In response to the new gTLD expansion program created by ICANN, eBrand Services partnered with Deloitte Luxembourg and OpenRegistry in creating Time2Dot, which will serve as a single point of contact for companies worldwide that needs multi-disciplinary experts who can help with an application for a Brand gTLD with ICANN and to maximize their revenue from the new domain name.[7] Time2Dot provides business case preparation, tax planning and IP structuring, application registration and registry/registrar operations.[8]

ICANN Involvement

eBrand Services participates in the different activities and meetings of ICANN. During the ICANN 38 in Brussels, Jean-Christophe Vignes represented the company and joined the discussion about Brand Management in the Age of New gTLDs.[9]