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Easy Internet Services logo.gif
Type: Private
Industry: Computer Sales, Internet Services
Technical Support
Founded: Australia, 1996[1]
Headquarters: Sydney
Country: Australia
Products: Desktops, Notebooks, Servers
Website: easynet.net.au
Key People
Deon Lee Attard, Managing Director

Manav Sood, Network & Systems Division Manager
Justin Orchard , Operations Manager
Elizabeth Attard, Office Manager

Easy Internet Services is an ISP for corporate, small businesses and home users. This is a locally owned and run computer outlet with a diverse clientele. The company is engaged with the management of IT systems throughout Queensland, most particularly in the Central Queensland region. A number of companies outsource their maintenance and IT support via Easy Internet Services. The company is located in Mackay, Queensland in Australia.[2]


The most important services provided by the company include:

  • Network engineering
  • Internet connections ranging from wireless broadband to dial up
  • Network maintenance and support Agreements
  • Web hosting and designing
  • Email hosting
  • Computer sales and repairs
  • Internet Cafe Facilities[3]

Web Design and Hosting

The company has a full administrator backend support for updating the content of the client’s sites. The sites created by Easy Internet Services come with custom tools, which allow the end user to edit the contents with ease. This is a money saver feature offered by the company. The company claims to have the capability of servicing over 30 computers concurrently.

Repair and Recovery Services

The company has a team of experts to deal with software date recovery. Plus, it also specializes in hard disk repair services. Easy Internet Services removes Trojan, spyware infections and viruses and use remote monitoring and access software to detect problems using the latest available software tools. They also clean and rebuild computers.

Remote Services

Easy Internet Services also extends remote services where several issues are fixed remotely without any onsite visit, a feature that enables them to manage larger networks.

Support Services

Easy Internet Services also offer response times and premium support to business clients 24 X 7. The company appoints a team of technical staff of Senior Network Engineers capable of addressing service issues, onsite computing or networking problems as well as complex server clustering issues requiring complicated backup solutions.


Easy Internet Services also sells the following products:

  • Notebooks
  • Desktops
  • Servers[4]