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Fairview Wireless.JPG
Type: Privately Held
Industry: Internet
Founded: 2000
Founder(s): Shane Burnstun,Don McLeod

Eddie Wong

Headquarters: Vancouver, B.B.
Country: Canada
Website: Fairview Wireless
Key People
Shane Burnstun, CEO & Chief Technology Officer
Eddie Wong, Vice President-Development

Ken Farber, Vice President-Business Operations
Michael G Newman, Installation and Support:

Fairview Wireless (Fairview Broadband Wireless, Inc.) is a company offering products and services that will enable experienced or neophyte local operators to provide cost effective wireless high-speed internet solutions. Since 2001 Coastworks, a division of Fairview Wireless, handles installation and services, specializing in microwave and laser system installations.[1] Shane Burnstun, Don McLeod, and Eddie Wong co-founded the company in 2000, which is located in Vancouver, B.C.[2]


In 1997, Shane Burnstun and his partners started to create an IP service platform for the wireless broadband industry. Their business idea was to develop a "WISP in a box", with a complete integrated billing system based on NT Paymaster. The solution is primarily intended for small communities and college campuses.[3]


The company's services include consulting, installation, network management and wireless systems.

ICANN and Fairview Wireless

In 2005, Fairview Wireless provided the wireless and optical services during the ICANN conference in Vancouver.