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Organization: APNIC
Affiliation: RSSAC
Region: Australia

George Michaelson is APNIC's senior R&D scientist. He works on long-baseline DNS statistics, services logging, audit, and analysis; and the designing and implementation of the Internet Number Resource Certification framework.[1]

Career History

George was the Technical Services Manager for APNIC from 2001 to 2005, responsible for ICT, the technical team, standards development, and technical governance and coordination. Prior to joining APNIC, he worked at Leeds University, York University, University College London, the Division of Information Technology at the CSIRO in Melbourne, the University of Queensland, Australian ISPs Access-One and, and DSTC.

ICANN and Internet Governance Participation

  • RSSAC Caucus Member[2]
  • BCS Member
  • Founder member of the Australian chapter of the Internet Society
  • IETF Previous WG chair of the CRISP working group
  • IETF standardization meeting participant
  • Co-chair of the auDA Competition Panel 2001


Honours Degree in computer science, York University, in 1982


  • APNIC Blogger
  • Co-author, with Prior, of RFC 1562: Naming Guidelines for the AARNet X.500 Directory Service Prior; and, with Huston, of RFC 5396: Textual Representation of Autonomous System Numbers
  • CircleID Blogger