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Affiliation: DotConnectAfrica
Country: Kenya
Email: gideon.rop [at]
Blog: [Gideon Rop on CircleID Gideon Rop on CircleID]
LinkedIn: link=gideonrop   [gideonrop Gideon Rop]
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @gideonrop

Gideon Rop is the Project Support Engineer at DotConnectAfrica, an independent, non-profit and non-partisan organization that is based in Nairobi, Kenya where he is involved in strategic project formulation and development.

He is an ISOC member, who participated in the 2011 Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Workshop held in Nairobi, where he was involved in learning and discussing Internet Privacy Issues and new gTLDs.[1]

Gideon has been involved in several workshops that discuss internet development. Such conferences include the ICANN Africa Strategy Meeting, Addis Ababa [2]. Where he discussed the Registry Business challenges/opportunities that are facing the African market. He was also a panelist at the ICANN 45 Beijing discussing 'The role of youth in the Domain Name System,DNS'[3] and the recently concluded ICANN 46 in the Second Africa DNS Forum, Durban, South Africa [4] expounding on the strategic management tools for a successfully automated internet registry.

He was also actively involved as a member of the Kenya Internet Governance Forum Working Group[5] that succesfully organized the Kenyan IGF Forum[6] of 26th July 2013