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Affiliation: NomCom
ICANNLogo.png Formerly a member
of ICANN's NomCom

Hadia Elminiawi is the Chief Expert at the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Egypt (NTRA) and a 2021 NomCom delegate, representing the ALAC.

Career History

Elminiawi leads the DNS–Entrepreneurship Center (DNS-EC) founded by NTRA and ICANN, which seeks to foster the domain name industry in Africa and the Middle East. She has spent most of her career in Internet development leadership roles. In 1995, Elminiawi joined the Egyptian Universities Network, Egypt's Internet gateway at the time and Egypt's top-level domain. During her tenure at the Egyptian Universities Network, she helped academic sites design and implement their own networks and connect to the Internet. She has also helped implement enhancements to the existing systems and develop .eg registry policies. Elminiawi has also acted as IPv6 project manager and foreign relations manager. In 2014, Elminiawi joined the National Hungarian Trading House in Budapest as deputy to the director of the Arab Countries Department and later as acting director.[1]

ICANN and Internet Governance Participation

Elminiawi is currently serving as a NomCom delegate, representing ALAC. She has been a member of ALAC, voicing the interests of Internet users in Africa since 2017. She has been involved in many ICANN policy development activities and a member of several ICANN working groups. She is a member of the Expedited Policy Development Process (EPDP) on the Temporary Specification for gTLD Registration Data Team. She proposed and organized a session at the Africa IGF in 2017 and has been a panelist and speaker at several ICANN meetings.[2]


Elminiawi holds a master's degree in management and leadership from Szent Istvan University in Hungary, a diploma in engineering management, and a bachelor's in electronics and communication engineering from the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.

ICANN76 Playing Card Illustration

Hadia is dressed like the Disney princesses she likes. She is drawn as a high elven princess in her favorite colors, white and yellow, summoning magic from her hands to see the future.