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Type: Committee
Industry: Internet
Headquarters: 1775 Wiehle Avenue
Suite 201 Reston, VA
Country: USA
Website: iaoc.ietf.org
Facebook: Internet Administrative Oversight Committee
Key People
Bob Hinden, IAOC Chair

The IAOC (IETF Administrative Oversight Committee) provides appropriate direction, supervision, and review of the IETF Administrative Support Activity (IASA), which is in charge of the fiscal and administrative support for the IETF standards process. It also supervises the IETF Administrative Director (IAD).[1]

The organizational structure of the IAOC is explained in RFC 4071, which was published on April 2005.[2]

Specific Responsibilities of IAOC

Based on RFC 4071, IAOC should carry out the following specific responsibilities:

  • It is responsible for selecting the IAD and providing direction and high-level review for his or her work, which will be handled by a sub-committee.
  • Responsible for reviewing the IAD's plans and contracts to ensure that the administrative needs of the IETF is met.
  • Supervise the functions of the IASA to ensure that the IETF community's administrative needs are met, if not it should work with the IAD to develop and implement corrective actions.
  • Ensure that IASA is operating based on transparency and accountability, supervise its finances and operational status and publish monthly, quarterly, and annual financial and operational reports to the IETF community.
  • Consult with the Internet Architecture Board (IAB) and the Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG) regarding the appointment of an individual or people responsible in handling the tasks of other IETF process.

IAOC Members

The current members of the IAOC include:


As one of the committees of the IETF, IAOC works collaboratively with ICANN. In 2010, IAOC supervised and approved the Supplemental Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between ICANN and IASA, which describes the missing criteria and procedures that were discussed in section 4.1 of the MoU in 2000. The supplemental agreement described the specific details of ICANN responsibilities in performing the functions of IANA and enumerated the different services the IETF community would provide to the internet governing body through IAB and IESG.[4]